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about us

We are Bretforton Silver Band, a friendly village brass band based in the Vale of Evesham in the county of Worcestershire, and currently consisting of over 30 amateur musicians.


Our aim is to advance the education and appreciation of the public in the Art and Science of Brass Band music. This pursuit is achieved through the provision of captivating public concerts and dedicated training that guides individuals in mastering brass band instruments. Our band is a conduit for the love and understanding of this musical genre.


With a history spanning more than a century and a quarter, Bretforton Silver Band stands as a testament to tradition and commitment. Our longstanding presence has contributed to the lives of many generations, making a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of our community.


Throughout the year, we take part in regular concerts and public performances including our unique annual asparagus auction. We deeply value the support we receive from our local community.


Our band's membership continues to flourish, attracting musicians from various walks of life. This vibrant diversity strengthens our collective voice and widens the scope of our musical expressions.


A legacy in training: "Bret Set Go," our training band, welcomes individuals of all ages into the fold, nurturing the potential of budding musicians.


We are privileged to maintain close relationships with local businesses and the village church. These partnerships affirm our commitment to community growth and shared harmony, ensuring that our music resonates beyond the confines of our rehearsals. In addition, we are also proud of our friendship with Musikkapelle Löhrieth from Germany and enjoy regular exchange visits.


Deeply rooted in our historic background, Bretforton Silver Band embraces its traditional essence. We honour the footsteps of those who have come before us, recognising the value of our heritage in shaping our musical identity.


Our repertoire spans across genres, enabling us to entertain our audience with a diverse range of melodies. While we hold a strong appreciation for traditional music, we also recognise the importance of embracing evolution. We aim to connect with our audience by incorporating modern musical elements that resonate with diverse tastes.


Our music serves to inspire, connect, and uplift, reflecting a legacy devoted to advancing brass band music for the generations ahead.

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